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Cleveland, OH portfolio pkg 1

Cleveland, OH portfolio pkg 2



4874 E.106th-Garfield Hts, OH 44125-$85,000 CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION will be complete 4-8-16

This 3 bdrm home is located right along the beautiful parkway with the other mansion like beautiful homes. This home is very solid and in great condition. 1 car garage, courtyard area, has TONS of potential. There is also an unfinished attic which can be turned into a fourth and even a fifth bedroom. This home has alot of character. Great for a rental or wholesale. Much of the work has been completed or is underway at this property. Call Joan for further details 440-439-9448


106th 12922304_998107640244391_623435045_o 12922379_998107596911062_864239275_o 12941230_998108163577672_377687739_o 12948586_998108030244352_803351182_o 12952815_998107723577716_541958881_o 12952891_998107553577733_1848228744_o 12953053_998107836911038_967342049_o 12953159_998107986911023_1591916181_o 12953163_998107513577737_1216243268_o 12959290_998107776911044_1855995250_o 12959495_998108090244346_240611695_o 12959548_998107920244363_543562581_o 12962426_998107890244366_695735174_o 12970251_998107670244388_1787203636_o

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880 E.144th Cleveland, OH 44108 4 unit building fully occupied! Good Condition! 20% Cap Rate!

All units rented at $475.00, roof in good condition, refinished hardwood floors in all units, 2 long term tenants, off and on street parking, quiet street

E.144th 12675273_1012906725446224_928858659_o  12722218_1012907318779498_43207960_o 12837190_980927511962404_1159380633_o12837240_980927525295736_487657301_o12842370_980927555295733_127950353_o

12722641_1012907278779502_1141922146_o(1)12675275_1012907258779504_1007899713_o12722581_1012907048779525_647265618_o 12788472_1012906822112881_414082049_o 12837184_1012907025446194_1566214098_o   12837548_1012907065446190_51923461_o   12842609_1012906745446222_628886822_o12837668_1012906682112895_1575361080_o


Turn Key 11806 Granger Rd-Garfield Hts, OH 44125 Asking $75,400

Awesome 4 bdrm 3 full bath home! 2 car garage, move in ready. New public library and recreation center behind the house…Great for Kids

11806 Granger Rd. Garfield Hts, OH 12573027_957544004300755_5253436826358089690_n 12592193_957544127634076_4986713543282917931_n 12592232_957544300967392_909227821528908650_n 12592432_957544274300728_6664516298268698875_n 12647020_957544037634085_2845962259038282262_n 12647366_957544377634051_5001604017533407187_n 12647466_957544070967415_1926855261805729351_n 12650796_957544317634057_6573436233117765095_n 12650906_957544357634053_1569405724216454923_n 12650907_957544194300736_5197264757561676033_n 12651017_957544110967411_3572572743951171440_n 12654508_957544054300750_7972671014885064046_n 12662512_957544140967408_5852099196259356687_n



SOLD!!!! 3732 E.65th Cleveland, OH 44105 Asking $44,000 Great Rental 4 unit Building! SOLD!!!!!

4 unit completely rented at $1550 per month. Down rear unit 3 bdrm(long term tenant), down front unit is a studio unit, up rear unit is a 1 bdrm unit and the up front unit is 2 bdrms

1107151108a 1107151107a E.65th St



4461 E.143rd St. Cleveland, OH 44128 Asking $17,500

3 bdrm SFH with attached 1 car garage and fenced yard, rented at $600 per month




4371 E.154th St. Cleveland, OH 44128 Asking $17,500

2 bdrm SFH 2 car garage and fenced yard. Updated kitchen and bath Rented at $600 per month

1107151124_HDR E.154th




6510 Fleet Ave. Cleveland OH 44105

Large 5 bdrm 3 bath unit w/ small storefront attached on front. fenced lot. Directly across from the Red Chimney Restaurant(Neighborhood landmark). This property is currently vacant and needs work

6510 Fleet



3714 W.37th Cleveland, 44102

3bdrm(nice home), new carpeting, some newer windows, great tenants, fenced yard, 1.5 car garage with covered patio, nice & quiet street.

Tenant pays all utilities

Rented @ $625 Comps @ 55K Asking $ 29K



5711 Hege Ave. Cleveland, OH 44127

3bdrm single family, attached deck, 1.5 car garage,

Rented @ $650 Comps @ 55K Asking $22K

Hege front Hege front.jpg




3950 E.74th Cleveland, OH 44105

Single 4 bdrm. All newer mechanicals. Rented @ $700 Asking $20,000

3950 e.74


3985 E.66th Cleveland 44105

3 family. All units rented, One pending eviction. Currently receiving $850 a month, fully occupied brings in $1300. All mechanical s are approx 10yrs old. Asking $20,000

3985 e66


8805 Macomb Cleveland, OH 44105

3 bdrm single family, rented for $650. all mechanicals are 3 yrs old

8805 macomb

Telephone: 440.439.9448